Private Dining

We are uniquely prepared to offer two distinct private dining options:

One Door West

Our newest private dining space is just one door west from Gianni’s Steakhouse. Complete with a private entrance, dedicated bar and separate patio area. It’s capable of hosting anything from a business event to a late night cocktail party. Suitable for up to 40 people, there’s simply no place like it. For more information please visit our website below:

Wine Room

Currently Unavailable

The wine room at Gianni’s can accommodate 50 guests, to host cocktail parties, groom’s dinners, business meetings, or anything in between. This space offers versatile room arrangements surrounded by warm brick walls, a fireplace and a display of our award winning wine selection. Customized menus and service styles are skillfully prepared by Chef Steve Vranian and Private Dining Manager Anneliese Huml.

Private Dining Coordinator

Anneliese Huml

Anneliese started at Gianni’s after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2013. Before then, she’d been serving on and off since her mother, Terri, began managing the restaurant in 2009. Currently, she carries out two different roles at Gianni’s. One as floor manager, and the other as special events coordinator. You see, its the positive spirit and upbeat energy in which guests and staff admire about Anneliese. As her love for her family’s restaurant is on full display while at Gianni’s.

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