Curbside To Go & Dockside Delivery

A la Carte


Gianni's garlic crostini 5

Truffle Popcorn 6

truffle oil, sea salt, parmesan, sage

Shrimp Cocktail 28

4 colossal U8 pacific white shrimp


Gianni's Spun Salad 15

with grated parmesan cheese and your choice of: Bay shrimp-red onion-black olives-tomato Bacon-bleu cheese-hardboiled eggs-whited anchovies-croutons

Classic Wedge Salad 15

iceberg, bacon, tomato, red onion, bleu cheese

Asian Tenderloin Salad 28

napa cabbage, crunchy rice noodles, green onion, sesame-soy dressing, 6 oz beef tenderloin


6 oz Filet 38

peppercorn bourbon sauce

8 oz Filet 50

peppercorn bourbon sauce

22 oz Ribeye 60

bone – in peppercorn bourbon sauce

16 oz NY Steak 52

peppercorn bourbon sauce

Lake & Seafood

Grilled Salmon 30

7 oz, miso marinade – sriracha mayo

Walleye 30

Sauteéd Red Lake Nation Walleye with tartar sauce – lemon

King Crab Legs (1lb) 70

drawn butter – lemon

Lobster Tail 50

18 – 20 oz, drawn butter, lemon

Pastas & Other

linguine 32

4 colossal white shrimp
spinach – garlic – white wine sauce

lobster mac & cheese 32

bread crumb-herb crust

gianni’s fried chicken 28

mashed potatoes

rack of lamb chops 36

14 oz new zealand – sweet roasted bell peppers – mint

Steak Burger 20

usda prime sirloin & limousin brisket
house ground 1/2 lb

tenderloin steak sandwich 28

caramelized onions – au jus
oprah sauce – fries


Potatoes Papallette 20

hashbrowns stuffed with sour cream, cheddar cheese & onions

Hashbrowns 18

French Fries 10

Grilled Asparagus 10

parmesan cheese

Steamed Broccoli 10

Creamed Corn with Bacon 12

corn kernels, bacon cooked in cream

Giant Baked Potato 10

sides of sour cream, bacon, chives and butter


NY Cheese Cake 12

Chocolate Layer Cake 10

Fully Prepared Family meal 200

serves 4-5

This Meal Comes With

Chateaubriand Beef Tenderloin 1 1/2 lbs

Basket of Gianni's Garlic Crostini Toasts

Gianni's Spun Salad

Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Asparagus

Add a feautured wine

Santa Margarita Sparkling Rose Prosecco 35

Chateau Montelena Chardonnay 40

Jordan 2014 Cabernet 60

Chardonnay – Treana 25

Cabernet – Robert Mondavi 30

Reheating & Cooking Instructions

skillet over med heat 10 min on each side. Internal temp should hit 160*
in pan reheat on low
precooked. can be grilled, sauteed or added to any dish at home
General Internal Temp Guide Rare- 125* Med Rare-135* Medium- 145* Med Well- 155* Well- 165* Heat oven to 425* In skillet, heat 1-2 tbsp butter or oil (or combo) until very hot. Sear steak 2 min per side until nice crust is formed. Finish in oven for another 3-5 min until desired temp. Remove from skillet and cover for 5 min to rest. Internal temp will raise appx 5* while resting.