COVID 19 Preparedness Plan

Policies & procedures that assist in the identification of sick staff and ensure sick staff stay home

Employees have been informed of and encouraged to self-monitor at home for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

If an employee has chills, a cough, shortness of breath, headache, muscle aches, lack of energy, loss of taste or smell or has been in contact with someone who has these symptoms, we are requiring them to stay home.

Employees are encouraged to seek medical treatment for any COVID like symptoms.

When entering Gianni’s for a shift, each employee voluntarily fills out our health screen log.

Using no-contact thermometers, each employee logs their temperature and responds to a series of questions to determine their potential of having an illness.

Staff is required to stay home when they are sick, if household members are sick or if any of the metrics on the sign in log indicates possible COVID-19 symptoms.

Current employees may stay home for up to two weeks with pay (no tips) should they or a household member are ill, or if they are in quarantine required by a doctor.

Should an employee show symptoms during the shift, they must be immediately stop working, tell the manager and go home.

We have implemented a policy for informing staff if any team member has been exposed and a policy has been implemented to protect the privacy of staff’s health status and health information.

It is Gianni’s policy not to name names.

Employees will not be allowed back to work without a valid doctor’s note.


Social Distancing-maintaining six feet of physical distancing

Social distancing of six feet will be implement and maintained between staff and between staff and guests.

In the kitchen, social distancing may not always possible. 

All employees are always required to wear masks that are approved by the MN Department of Health.

Worker hygiene protocols

Employees are required to wash hands and log the activity every 15 minutes.  

Handwashing etiquette is posted at all hand sinks.

Hand sanitizer is available freely at each hand washing station and throughout Gianni’s.

Gianni’s systems and ventilation protocols

All systems have been inspected and are in working order.

Hot water is up to temperature, HVAC is performing as designed and outdoor airflow has been increased to improve ventilation.

Cleaning ad disinfection protocols

Routine sanitizing of the entire restaurant has been implemented every Monday. 

The entire restaurant will be disinfected by a licensed service that is food safe and kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, for up to 10 days.

Tables and chairs will be sanitized between guest usage.

Pens, check presenters, printers, touch screens will be sanitized after use.

Menus will be single use and disposed of or sanitized after guest usage.

Restrooms will be cleaned, supplies replenished and sanitizing will occur every 30 minutes.

Tables will be set with silverware, napkins and water glasses when guests are seated

Communications, training and supervision practices and protocols

A detailed COVID-19 Preparedness Plan was communicated to all staff on June 29, 2020.

Managers will monitor the program and update practices if necessary.


Managing occupancy

Gianni’s has reduced the seating capacity to 50% of our official occupancy and have limited the amount of reservations per time slot accordingly.

Our patio is designed to allow 50 guests, adjusting for social spacing and we ask guests to limit their dining experience to 1 ½ hours to allow other guests an opportunity to dine.

All reservations are taken by phone, in person and Open Table to provide spacing of the reservation times to limit congestion.

All tables will always be at least 6 feet apart.

Seating up to 4 guests per table and will allow an exception to accommodate 6 people per table.

State and local guidance will always be followed.

All dining is by reservation only, patio, bar and restaurant.

Bar stools have been spaced to allow for proper social distancing, there will be no standing at the bar.

We are offering waiting area adjacent to the outdoor patio.

What Gianni’s asks of our guests

Guests are urged to wear masks when entering, moving about, or exiting the building.

Masks may be removed when seated.

We encourage all guests to engage in social distancing and to stay home if they are not feeling well or if a household member is ill or have other health issues that may increase their chances of contacting COVID 19.

We encourage guests to pay with a credit card.

During the COVID period, Gianni’s asks guests not to bring in any customer owned wines or food for consumption.


Updated January, 2021